About Scholarific

Scholarific was started by making apps for family and friends. We learned that family-friendly, quality apps are important for kids to develop through their early learning years, but also as parents who value what their kids see on their smart phones and tablets. Being parents ourselves, we wanted the best for our kids, and we wanted them to learn everything they could before they reach pre-K. We searched the internet and app stores for the best apps we could find that were kid friendly, fun, and educational. Some were great, while others were not, and often filled with ads that our kids would accidentally tap on. We knew immediately we didn't want any ads in our apps for kids, so we created apps without ads.

Making apps do take a lof of thought in design and development, and there are costs associated with it. So while we couldn't give away our apps for free, we did our best to offer apps that parents and kids could try for free, and them pay only when they see the value in them. To make our apps reasonably affordable for parents, we worked with family and friends to test the apps, and also got feedback on how much they could afford for these educational apps for their kids.

While our apps are never perfect, we do strive for quality by listening to feedback from parents and incorporating them int our apps. Helping parents get the best for their kids is what we aim to do.

We hope you and your kids enjoy our apps, and we hope to see you happily surprised when you see your kids grow and learn so much through our apps.