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Do you love cars? Bull dozers? Fire Trucks? Then come on in to Motor City! Add all the cars to the city, and watch them go! Learn to recognize over 30 vehicles, and the sounds they make.

Have you ever seen your baby or toddler point out different cars while in the back seat of your car while driving down the road? If so, they'll love this game. The game helps them learn to recognize over 30 types of vehicles, including fire trucks, police cars, air planes, bull dozers, and so much more! Your child can touch all the cars to learn what they are, the sounds they make, and how to pronounce them. The game also challenges your kids to pick the right one and the fun sounds and animations incentivize them to be engaged and focused with this game made for iPad and iPhone.

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Parents, Why Should You and Your Kids Try "Motor City?"

Fun and Safe for Ages 1.5 and Above!

Motor City Fun

The game has been tested with kids as young as one year old. The game provides a fun and interactive play environment with music, fun sounds, animals, and vocals to instruct your child how to play. They're learning visually and audibly through the app. Additionally, the game is safe for kids because we do not include any advertisements that could accidentally be viewed and tapped on by your child.

Makes Learning Cars and Trucks Fun!

Motor City Fun

Up to the age of 3, children learn tremendously. They're learning new words and language before they can even speak. As parents, it's important that we're constantly communicating with them. The games we offer merely supplement their daily experiences and education. We try to keep them entertained with beautiful and colorful graphics, fun music and sounds. At the end of the day, we hope that your child is picking up new vocabulary and accelerating their development with our games.

Learn or Play

Motor City Fun

Motor City offers two game modes. "Learn" mode is simple and straightforward. Your child is presented with different cards, and tapping on them tells them what they are. As simple as it sounds, it helps with recognition through the visual images, but also through sounds, and vocals.

"Play" mode is where the fun begins, but the learning doesn't stop. Your child is challenged to identify the right vehicle (e.g., police car vs. fire truck) through visual and voice prompts. They're learning to read and listen through this, while also building up the vocabulary and strengthening their memory skills. Picking the right answer rewards them with the car being added to the city, driving around, with fun matching sounds.

Over 30 Plus Types of Cars

Motor City Fun

Many kids can hear a siren, and associate with ambulances, or police cars. Learning through association is a strong method, and Motor City taps into that power. Over 30 types of cars from every day vehicles like fire trucks, cars, to things that fly like air planes and helicopters make the game fun, lively, and entertaining. Your kids can even learn less known vehicles, like construction vehicles, excavators, industrial elevators. How many kids do you think know that? You kid will with this game.

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Motor City Fun

Motor City is available for free to try. The lite version includes a few sample vehicles for your toddler to enjoy without any time limits. We encourage you to try the game the first time with your child, and observe them. After giving it a try, and you feel your kid is enjoying the game, and LEARNING, you can upgrade to add more vehicles through the easy in-app purchase.

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