About Scholarific

Scholarific was started out of love for our kids and a passion for education. Every parent wants the best for their kids: to grow up healthy, smart, and successful. Through our apps, we hope to help parents achieve this by giving every child the early start at education. We strive for family-friendly, quality apps for kids to develop through their early learning years. Being parents to little ones ourselves, we want to ensure that if kids are getting screen time, they're learning and growing their minds.

We hope that you and your kids enjoy our apps as much as we did making them. The best joy as the creator of the apps is for you to share your stories with us how your kids are learning from our apps. Your business is always appreciaeted as it helps us invest back into making more apps, and improving our existing ones with more valuable features for your kids learning & enjoyment.

Thank you for your support. Have a blessed day!