ABC Choo Choo Train: Toddler Alphabet Learning App

"ABC Choo Choo Train" makes learning the alphabet and animals very fun and easy for your kids, babies, and toddler!

All Aboard the ABC Train!!!

ABC Choo Choo Train is filled with fun animations, music, and vocals to teach your toddler the alphabet and correpsonding animals. The app engages your child and challenges your child to develop his/her ability to recognize, listen, and speak the letters and animals.


Learn the Alphabet and Animals for FREE!

Learn the ABCs for FREE

You child can learn all the letters of the alphabet and animals for FREE! Yes, you heard that right. For FREE! Simply select the "Learn" option at the game menu to view all the letters of the alphabet, tap on each one to learn the letter and the animal.

If your child enjoys the game, please support us by jumping on the train, and playing the game. You can unlock all the letters for the game mode via the in-app purchase.

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Drive the Choo-Choo Train with a Bunny

ABC Train App Screenshot

Learn all the letters of the alphabet the fun and easy way. Start the train, and match the letters to the bill board. Your child will be prompted to help with her listening and speaking skills. Dragging the letters will also develp her fine motor skills.

The fun music and sounds will keep your toddler engaged, and help her with focus and attention.

Challenging Mini-Game

ABC Train App Challenge

Throughout the train trip, your child can test her memory by matching the letters to the animals. The challenging mini-game is fun for your kids, but also a great way for Bunny to make a pit stop to refuel.

FREE to Try!

ABC Train Screenshot

ABC Choo Choo Train is free to try. You and your child can try the game to ensure it meets both of your needs. You can play the first few letters forever, and when you're ready, you can unlock the rest of the letters through the easy in-app purchase.

Download and Try It

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