Help & Support for Parents

Scholarific is dedicated to creating quality, family-friendly apps for your kids. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us directly before posting any reviews on the App Store. We take all feedback seriously, and will take the time to respond to your concerns.

Send us an email at to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your apps free?

Most of our apps are free to download and try. The free version includes a limited set of features, scenes, or learning material for you and your child to try together. If you see value in the app, please look for the Parent menu to unlock the other features through the in-app purchase. Our apps are priced reasonably to offer you and your child the best learning experience at a great value.

Do your apps include ads?

Yes, some of the apps do include ads provided by a third party service. Ads provide a source of revenue for us to continually improve our apps and services. If your kids enjoy our apps, please support us with any in-app purchase which will disable ads from the app.

How come I don't hear anything in your games?

Our games include fun music, sounds, and vocals to help your child associate and learn visually and audibly. Be sure to turn up the volume, toggle the sound button to ON, and turn off your phone or tablet's silence switch.

I purchased the upgrades already on another device. Do I have to pay again?

If you're using the same iTunes account on your new device, you can go to the Parent menu and "RESTORE" your past purchase. Also, if you choose to unlock a previous purchase or upgrade, Apple does not charge your account. You will receive a prompt that you have already purchased it and the app will restore your purchase.

I found a bug or issue with the app. Can you fix it?

We're are always striving to improve our products and deliver updates in a timely manner to meet our customers' needs. If you found a bug, the best way to notify us by contacting us at We listen to all feedback seriously and do our best to address your concerns as soon as we can.